Sunday, March 19, 2017


It is something of a ghost town around here.

My Drama Club alumni social group has settled of 7 of us, though it's a challenge to get everyone together.

CB, SO and I have had several nights just the three of us. Everything has felt comfortable and natural and fun. We all check in with each other to make sure things are ok. We are becoming closer friends and enjoying each other's company well outside the moments that end up with all our clothes on the floor.

SO has had a final interview with a company in Colorado. They had mentioned in passing that they wanted to move back there, but it didn't sink in how close they were to uprooting until SO and I were chatting about work and that came up. If she gets the position, they'll move mid-summer.

The three of us have been the most proactive about pulling our theater friends together. They've hosted almost every time (they have small children, so if they host they don't need a babysitter, and the kids are asleep by 8) and I'm the only other one who's always there.

If they leave, I'm afraid we'll all just drift apart.

As an odd coincidence, Colorado has been at the top of the list of places I'd go if I ever get around to fulfilling my lifelong plan to leave the midwest in the dust. CB (who grew up in Denver) has several relatives in Colorado who are in healthcare/nursing.

My struggle is that I'm not willing to take the risk of going somewhere without knowing what I'm getting myself into. I've had such bad experiences with nursing jobs, and I won't leave myself alone and vulnerable by taking a job that may not work out when I have no safety net. There are a lot of ifs, ands, buts, and caveats, but if they go, it might be a catalyst for me to take off, too.*

If I don't move, I could still visit them and get a super cheap launchpad into the natural glory of the Rocky Mountains. No complaints about that.

*I am very much aware of the potential complications of moving to a city where the only people I know are friends with benefits. Don't think I'm not mulling ALL of it over. But I wanted to think out lout with my fingers here today.

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  1. I'd love to move to Colorado, but same as you, I would never move somewhere unless I had a job waiting for me.

    You might not drift apart. It seems like you guys have gotten very close friendship-wise, as long as you're all diligent about keeping in contact you can maintain the friendship. It's hard, but it's something. And you'll have free room and board if you ever visit CO...